General terms

When you place an order or request Wallpaper Mural will receive a confirmation of your specified e-meil address. The administrator of the online store will contact you by phone to confirm the details of the request or order. Answer some of your questions can be found in the FAQ section



Visitors to the online store not:

1. Without written permission of the company to distribute our materials, texts, pictures, images, and parts

2. To run fake - fake orders or inquiries in order to overload the system.



1.Porachanata goods will be delivered to the address indicated by the customer registration / able to request a courier office /.

2.Dostavkata is performed by courier, the customer is required to pay the amount of cash on delivery and cost of delivery upon receipt of porachkata.Taksata supply for one number is fixed at 12.00 lev, throughout the country. In the case of payment by bank transfer delivery is free.

3.Stokata is obtained in suitable packaging factory protected in transit, representing the roll of cardboard.

4.Transportnite expenses unless stated otherwise be paid by the client along with the price of the commodity.

5.Bankoviya translation will be the basis Proforma invoice mailed out in the registration e-mail.

6.Fakturata will be compiled and sent on receipt of a specified amount.




Unsuccessful in obtaining goods ordered and delivered CAN ONLY IN ONE OF THE FOLLOWING:

- the goods in transit is damaged; IMPORTANT! Please insist immediately on drafting a protocol officer of the damage, otherwise you can not prove that the product is not damaged by yourself!

- The price is not true of the offer;

-Product is not corresponding to the description, wrong model, size or material.

- Subject to Article 69, paragraph 3 of ZZPPT / law Complaints /

In case of manufacturing defect, which is established upon receipt of the product, the customer returns it at the expense of the store and sent to another product as requested. In this case, transport costs are borne by the trader. Claims related to an unsuccessful installation not accept everything related to the installation of the product is not the responsibility of the supplier!

Claims already installed products are not accepted.

-In terms of Article 55, paragraph 1 of ZZPPT / return of purchased goods /

According to Art. 55, para. 1 of the Law on Consumer Protection (LCP), the user has the right, without compensation or penalty and without giving any reason to abandon the goods received within 7 business days of receipt of goods. In this case the trader is obliged to reimburse the consumer in full amounts paid by him not later than 30 days from the date on which the consumer has exercised his right to give up the goods in accordance with Art. 55, para. 6 of the Law on Consumer Protection. The amounts are reimbursed in cash through cash or a bank account of the client. User is obliged to store received from merchant products, their quality and safety during the term of art. 55, Paragraph 1 of the Law on Consumer Protection. To be returned purchased products prerequisite is that they are in an excellent presentation without being used without breaking the packaging. The products must comply with the form in which they are received by the user. Return and refusal not be products that do not meet these conditions in accordance with the Law on Consumer Protection. Trader is entitled to refuse the return of the product, according to the law. Upon returning the purchased goods transport costs are borne by the customer and not vazstanovyavat.V case of manufacturing defect, which is established upon receipt of the product, the customer returns it at the expense of the store and sent to another product as requested. In this case, transport costs are borne by the trader.


Client has no right to refuse delivery of ordered products except in the above cases.

With these conditions you agree to receive emails out of your notifications from on orders, discounts and offers of our products.


Order Confirmation

If you have questions about your order, do not hesitate to call the sales operator ON-LINE shop phone

GSM 0896761020

The working hours of our operator from 10:00 to 23:00.

Orders are processed every working day from 09:00 to 18:00 hours to 16:00 made orders will be fulfilled within 7 working days after our operator contact the customer to confirm the order for that by phone at registration . Orders received after 16:00 are processed the next day. Orders that are received on holidays and weekends are processed the next business day. The goods are delivered within 14 working days from order confirmation. In case of bank transfer order is being processed after confirmation of payment.